About CRC

Claims Resolution Center specializes in medical reimbursement, collections, billing, and recovery services nationwide.

Claims Resolution Center specializes in consulting medical practices concerning oncology reimbursement, collections, billing, and recovery services nationwide. Although we do not work for insurance companies and have no business relationship with insurance companies, our team has in-depth knowledge of the most current billing and collection obstacles and the expertise to resolve them. We are the medical practices' source for oncology reimbursement and work hand in hand with medical offices.

Claims Resolution Center does not perform the services or items identified in NAICS 52498 as "All Other Insurance Related Activities." Claims Resolutions does not provide actuarial services for insurance, insurance advisory services, insurance coverage consulting services, insurance exchanges, insurance investigation services, insurance loss prevention services, insurance processing, insurance rate making, insurance reporting services, insurance underwriting, nor rate making services for insurance. Consequently, the categorization of Claims Resolution Center as an excluded claimant for insurance reasons is not delineated by the BP Settlement Agreement.

We find the money that was missed, enter the charges, handle any appeals, and collect the money for your practice!

Discover what other practices have found in the professional services of CRC!

We Are a Florida Based, National Consulting Organization.

Our Clients Recognize That Some Medical Charges May Have Been Missed In Their Billing Process.

Our Clients Count On Us To Locate Those Missed or Under-billed Charges.

We Show Our Clients The Money!